Chances are you’ve stumbled upon my website because you’ve heard one way or another that I’m currently job hunting. I’ve set up this site to feature samples of my work, relevant to the field(s) I’m looking to get further into.

Brian-dean.com v5 was launched May 17 2015. Currently the main focus of this website is my portfolio, the blog aspect of it is retired for now.

My contact info:
bridean@gmail.com | 206-788-5129

My resume: PDF format | My resume: Word format

This website is going through a new overhaul as of now (5/17/2016) and I’m in the process of adding some new samples to it, modifying other aspects of it. Not too flashy, but I like that for now. You’ll see some flashier things I’ve done through the links at the top menu bar. I chose the Stargazer theme this time to customize / expand upon after learning about how good of a reputation it had for performance, SEO stuff and Schema potential. It’s not looking flashy now and I don’t really want it to for the time being. My latest samples have URLs in my resume and I just linked them to my ‘Web design & development’ section.

To be clear: I’m seeking out FT, PT and gig work. Preferably just ‘the right’ FT job. With my current job hunt I’ve cast a wide net, I simply have more than just one interest when it comes to the type of work I seek to do. I realize I have a lot to offer when considering how I can combine my skills and I’ll always be learning more to further my potential, at the very least because I maintain the interest to design newer and better things. Currently the cluster of things I’m learning more about includes HTML5, CSS3, SVGs, JavaScript, p5.js, website performance testing and optimization. A position that encourages / involves me furthering my education for a school or course to become a more valuable team member would be great, although I know that isn’t very common.