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You got it, my own site isn’t too flashy but I like it this way for now. You’ll see some flashier things I’ve done through the links at the top menu bar. I chose the Stargazer theme this time to customize / expand upon after learning about how good of a reputation it had for performance, SEO stuff and Schema potential. I like trying out different themes with good reputations every now and then as an exercise & for the hell of it. My latest samples have URLs in my resume and I just linked them to my ‘Web design & development’ section.

To be clear: I’m seeking out FT, PT and gig work. Preferably just ‘the right’ FT job, ideally with benefits. With my current job hunt I’ve cast a wide net, I simply have more than just one interest when it comes to the type of work I seek to do. I realize I have a lot to offer when considering how I can combine my skills and I’ll always be learning more to further my potential, at the very least because I maintain the interest to design newer and better things. Currently the cluster of things I’m learning more about includes HTML5, CSS3, SVGs, JavaScript, p5.js, website performance testing and optimization. A position that encourages / involves me furthering my education for a school or course to become a more valuable team member would be great, although I know that isn’t very common.