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bridean@gmail.com | 206-788-5129

Greetings ~ My name is Brian and I’m a freelance web designer from the Pacific Northwest. I’ve worked for many different clients of many different industries over the last ten years, both gigging & working as a permanent employee. I like to create, update, fix and maintain standards-friendly, mobile-friendly websites that perform as well as possible.

My niche is mainly front-end web design/development as well as (interactive) motion graphics. I have background in graphic design, video editing, customer service and office work. I have several ambitions and a sometimes overactive creative side and I aspire to be a creative director for a web design, multimedia, or AR/VR/MR (augmented reality, virtual reality, mixed reality) company some day. In the meantime my goal is to get a great job doing more of this work that I love doing and ideally I’d like to step further into the future with it, or at the very least make sure that what I’m creating is built to last and evolve into the future. Whether that’s going to be with the latest website performance enhancement technologies, augmented reality and other yet to be seen forms of interactive design.

I’ve covered more angles than I can count in the world of webmastering. From writing content to setting up servers. From creating a virtual tour to motion graphics promos for conventions. From tackling viruses to creating banner ads. From WordPress theme customization to tedious performance enhancement based on analytics. Lately, more than anything else, I’ve been specializing in WordPress websites. My recommended way to go for just about any kind of website.

Please take a look at my web design & graphic design pages, as well as my resume, to get a better idea of where I’ve been and where I’m going with the work that I do.