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bridean@gmail.com | 206-788-5129

9/14/2016 ~ That’s right, my own site isn’t too flashy but I like it this way for now. You’ll see some flashier things I’ve done through the links at the top menu bar. I chose the Stargazer theme this time to customize / expand upon after learning about how good of a reputation it had for performance, SEO stuff and Schema potential. I like trying out different themes with good reputations every now and then as an exercise & for the hell of it.

To be clear: I’m seeking out FT, PT and gig work. Preferably just ‘the right’ FT job, with benefits. Currently the cluster of things I’m learning more about includes HTML5, CSS3, SVGs, JavaScript, p5.js, website performance testing and optimization. A position that encourages / involves me furthering my education for a school or course to become a more valuable team member would be great, although I know that isn’t very common. I’m looking forward to my next experience of working on fulfilling projects with a great team of people & clients who are a pleasure to work with.