Welcome, chances are you’ve stumbled upon this website of mine because you’ve heard one way or another that I’m currently job hunting. For now I’m finishing up a FT contract job as a web developer / designer. I will be free to work with other clients, or a new employer, by next week (as of 7/28/2014). I’ve set up this site to feature samples of my work, relevant to the field(s) I’m looking to get further into.

Brian-dean.com v4 was launched July 27 2013. Built largely with WordPress, HTML, CSS, Photoshop. Currently the main focus of this website is my portfolio, the blog aspect of it is retired for now.

My contact info: bridean@gmail.com | 206-788-5129

My resume: PDF format | My resume: Word format

To be clear, I’m seeking out gigs I’m qualified for while hunting for a great FT job. With my current job hunt I’ve cast a wide net, I simply have more than just one interest when it comes to the type of work I seek to do. I realize I have a lot to offer when considering how I can combine my skills and I’ll always be learning more to further my potential, at the very least because I maintain the interest to design newer and better things. Currently I’m learning more about HTML5, CSS3, various Google applications and JavaScript, for example.

My Bio: I’m a life-long Washingtonian, both east and west of the mountains, currently living in Seattle. While living in Spokane briefly a few years ago I studied at Interface College Spokane for proficiency with Office applications & web design. My work experience has ranged from baking to office work to web design. Since my college years I’ve been experimenting with motion graphics, interactive design, animation and live video mixing (video projection art for live performances). I’m most interested in pursuing design. Better yet, interactive design. Whether that be for a job or personal art projects.

My Interests: I’m interested in design (of anything), art, music, cyberspace, social psychology and what’s to come of all these things in the future. I like reading about all sorts of things, documentaries, and keeping up with the latest trends in design the best I can.

Aspirations: I would like to continue learning about front end web design and interactive design. And create more with HTML5, CSS3, After Effects, Javascript, jQuery and more. 3D modeling and augmented reality are a couple directions I’d like to go in years from now if not sooner because I can imagine how mind blowing these kinds of technologies will be. I like to imagine how the design principles I’ve been learning will be applied with future technologies.


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