Most of my graphic design is sprinkled into the dozens of websites I’ve created. Then there’s more ‘front and center’ graphic design I’ve done, such as in the samples below. From magazine ads to print design for fashion, mostly done with Photoshop.

Samples of work for Rotovac

Click any image link above to see sample in Lightbox slideshow. I designed each sample from scratch, to fit with the standard style of Rotovac advertisements & graphics. Sometimes I even did photoshoots of the equipment in these ads. This first set of links below are samples of my graphic design work for Rotovac. I have also built at least 100 websites for Rotovac startup package customers, such as this one. I may be adding a new set of links to samples of these websites to this page.

Mock Thai Restaurant website (6.9MB PSD file, click here to download)

Mock site for Surin Thai, a non-existent restaurant


Mock websites designed with Photoshop

Mockup home page for multimedia arts collective (8.2MB PSD file, click here to download)

mock site for chromaverse

Textile Design

Op-art textile designs

Click on any image to get a better look.

‘Scales’ pattern, September 2016 (soon to be printed to fabric)

Recently I decided I wanted to get some of my designs onto fabric, particularly geometric or op-art style design. For drapes, clothes, upholstery, something tangible that’s common to see around at home or in public. My friend Emily helped out by sewing this skirt together, from this canvas (to the upper left) & cotton fabric (skirt, right) that I got printed off with help from Spoonflower. The pattern started out as a drawing of a tile that could be repeated on an X and Y axis seamlessly. I have other designs ready to go that just aren’t on fabric yet. The Photoshop and Illustrator source files of these designs could be applied to anything that could conceivably be printed to and it’s a piece of cake to change the black and white spaces to any color.


International Noise Conference Poster

Click on any image to get a better look.

Internationanl Noise Conference Spokane Poster

Horizontal variation on poster above 62" x 4.4" (click to view larger):

Internationanl Noise Conference Spokane Poster sample - horizontal version


3D Photos: click on each to enlarge

The following three images are photos I took in Olympia WA in 2008 as an experiment in stereoscopic photography. They do in fact work with 3D glasses. I carefully took two photos of the same scenery from slightlly different angles, roughly 2 3/4" apart (about same distance our eyes are apart). Each shot is a layer where the only color channel I left in was cyan or red to mimic a 3D effect.

3D one

3D image one

3D two

3D image two

3D three

3D image three