March 2012: Short term video editing for a series of elearning videos

..for a pretty famous company I was grateful to be doing working for, via Glyph Language Services (a localization company in Spokane, WA). I had to sign an NDA for the project and unfortunately I didn’t have permission to keep any of the work I did or publish it here on my website, which is a real shame. I used Camtasia (and Photoshop from time to time) for this project.

November 2011: Live video mixing for instrumental band, Space Movies

VJing for live shows is fun but it’s also not that easy. In these videos, above and below, I was running Modul8 on my MacBook Pro, hooked up to my projector. Many of the video clips are somewhat abstract animations that I made from scratch, mixed live together and with video clips from space documentaries. The software I’m using allows for effects such as video layer opacity and hue to interact with my laptop’s mic input. The greater the level, the greater the effect. Excellent feature for live shows. I make sure I have very fitting video loops and sequences for each live show I’ve done. I’ve been doing this for about 10yrs now.


November 2011: Live video mixing for Mirror Mirror

This video is from the same show, same night, with another local band of friends, Mirror Mirror. I’m not sure who recorded this but it wasn’t me. From around 3:40 onward the video becomes more visible.


These videos above also demonstrate that I’m experienced with optimizing and publishing video, for Youtube or Vimeo.