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Select Samples of Web Design & Development Work 2010-2018

Texas Restaurant Website Built by Brian Dean of Spokane, Washington (WA)Texas (Restaurant)

I completed this website in May 2018, the first restaurant website I’ve done in a while.I chose to go with the Divi theme, which I started learning over a year ago for one of my ongoing clients’ website projects, unrelated to this particular restaurant’s website project.


Maids by Trade

There’s a lot I have to say about this project, because I worked for them for about a full year as their webmaster and office assistant / advisor. I was tasked with redoing the website and building it from the ground up to perform very well and to haveMaids by Trade Website Built by Brian Dean it ready for this company to start going national. I chose to give it a Genesis framework, my boss chose a Genesis theme (from studiopress.com) to put with it as a child theme for me to customize and put it on a WordPress hosting plan. My boss directed to me to design it to look how it does currently, we worked out a lot of ways to boost the loading speed and performance and SEO of this site which ranks as the top house cleaning company in the Portland metro area. In my first several months at Maids by Trade I was working on way to better their customer relationship management system. And yes, I like doing that kind of work too.


Kirk Davis Law

Basically, a WordPress site for lawyer Kirk Davis of Seattle. It looks like some changes have been made, but I got the site set up in no time and it was a very no-hassle gig and those are my favorite.


TresOmega Nutrition

I worked with Walsh Design of Seattle to get this website done in late spring of 2015. The parent company also has beverinutrition.com and I redid that site for them as well. The only thing I didn’t set up was the shopping cart, although I did have to work with a team of ecommerce people to get the site to work seamlessly with the cart. This was my first time creating a website for a brand that goes in retail stores all across the country.


Interactive Tours for Seattle Area Waste Management Co

Over this winter I was given a job to develop two flash-like interactive tours to educate site visitors about this facility’s operations, with landing pages.

Coding & software involved: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Adobe Edge Animate, Photoshop, Illustrator.

Link 1 | Link 2
Click the ‘back’ button to see the lander pages I set up that come before these interactive tours.


Multisite network for Superior Maintenance Solutions

This site here is one sample of 1,100 websites I’ve set up as a WordPress multisite network (WPMS) over the last couple months. I’ve thought of listing a page to the links of all the microsites of this network but that’s kind of overkill. This has involved the customization of themes, making these sites talk to each other, coming up with JavaScript solutions to automate / speed up the design process, setting up a new server for it all to run on, graphic design, CSS, HTML, Photoshop, managing server libraries which was totally new for me and almost above my head at first, etc etc. It would take me a while to explain in detail how I got it all going and it’s been a great (good) challenge. I did some SEO on each of these and last I heard the company’s been pulling in new bids from all around the country from this work. Here are all the websites, at the following 7 links. Each link category is for a different service, each one representing 150-180 cities.
Unfortunately the network’s microsites are no longer online.
SMS Snow & Ice Removal | SMS Asphalt | SMS Janitorial | SMS Landscaping | SMS HVAC | SMS Skilled Trades | SMS Lot Sweeping

SMS Main Site Prototype

First raw responsive website, for Superior Maintenance Solutions

I got this done sometime right after learning more about using jQuery for responsive website design. Everything you see here from the graphics to how the site loads on a mobile device was done by me. For this I used Photoshop, CSS, HTML, JS / jQuery (refresh with browser window at minimum width to see mobile version). I’ve been moving on to learn more advanced responsive design techniques ever since.

Hundreds of websites for carpet cleaners..

..such as this one. I set up around 100 new websites for customers (I had to move very fast on them) and maintained around 100-200 more out of the 600 I was in charge of as head of the website department at Rotovac corporation. These are customers who have purchased carpet/tile cleaning startup packages with us who also wanted a website for their new business. I worked on the company’s website as well – rotovac.com

Vast Solutions Group

I got this gig through a referral. I’m somewhat clueless about financial engineering but that is the service they offer. This was first done in Flash, ActionScript 2, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, HTML, After Effects. Then earlier this year they had me convert it into a more standard design, a WordPress site.

Fast Forward by Chris Angell 

This is the first site I’ve done for a client that didn’t involve much Flash at all, mainly just HTML, CSS, Photoshop and Flash to publish the video. Chris Angell is a Spokane-based real estate agent who had me set up this website to sell his set of DVD training videos.

Ristorante Website

I completed this mock restaurant website with the aid of an Adobe tutorial series. Includes some JavaScript work. I had very little difficulty.

Flash Projects (2007-2010)

NOTE: Some of these projects linked below might not work as intended anymore since Flash has become much less supported recently.

Scripted Banner

A while ago a company in Spokane gave me this test project once. I was instructed to create this banner, animating the elements in it in a way that looked good while keeping the .swf below 50kb. Success. My first Flash project where all the motion is scripted. AS2.

Avriel Photo

I created this website for a photographer friend based out of Colorado, Jenna Rice. Flash, ActionScript 2, Photoshop, HTML, PHP email form.

Flash site for architect client

I got a gig to modify the heck out of a sophisticated Flash template to make this site precisely the way it’s working from this link, in 2010. I had been managing this architecture firm’s website for a few years beforehand. What you see here is a copy of the site, published through my own website. They have since replaced the Flash version with a newer, non-flash version. It was an interesting challenge, because the template’s ActionScript (2.0) that I had to work from was extremely complicated and counter-intuitive. Figuring it out and making it work for us was one of the most challenging projects I’ve had and gave me the confidence that I could figure out a whole lot else, if I could figure this out.

Synergy Elements

This site was built for a startup company that specialized in smart home technology. Much of this was fun to do, especially the virtual tour, and somewhat of a challenge as this was my first major project and I had to figure out many things that were new to me along the way.

Suehiro Architecture

Another website gig I got through a referral. Almost all of this content was already there but I had to make it all work with Flash. I also used Photoshop, Dreamweaver, HTML.

 WinRater Promotional Motion Graphics

Insurance rating software, WinRater. Optimized all the images given to me in Photoshop, worked from a storyboard my client gave me to get this all done in Flash, had it reviewed until all the timing and motion was right. All over phone / email with client from New Jersey. First time I got such a project done long distance, it was a good and rewarding experience.

When my website was all Flash..

Here’s the Flash version of my website, from many years ago. An older version of my portfolio demonstrating Flash skills, graphic design, video editing and effects (mainly After Effects), ActionScript and more. Today I would do much of it a little differently, one of the more creative versions of my website nonetheless and it was a fun project. Demonstrates that I can present all kinds of media in one presentation.

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